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K&F makes some of the finest UV Filters for the price. The ring also includes grooves so you can take off the filter easily. I would definitely recommend it to people who have expensive lenses and want a peace of mind.
Purchased this mostly as a protection for my lens glass. Satisfied with its performance so far.
Both lenses are Sigma lenses with 2 different brands of UV filters on them. The lens on the left is my 150-500mm with a filter made by another brand. The right is my 150-600mm lens with the K&F filter. The lens on the left looks a little hazy, while the K&F filter does not.

Does not decrease image quality that I can tell. You can feel that it is weather sealed.

Comes in a plastic case
Fits Sigma 150-600mm perfectly
Love the quality and size. Item was packed like a piece of fine jewelry. Highly recommended.
I was undecided whether to choose this product or another from a more famous brand. After trying it, I am very satisfied with the optical and construction quality.
I always get filters w/ non-slip design when it's available. It makes a huge difference. I compared it w/ Hoya HD2. I shot these w/ Canon M50 w/ Nikon 35-70mm f/2.8 AF ZOOM-NIKKOR.
1) No filter. 2) K&F. 3) Hoya HD2.
Sure, it's not a great test but I can't tell any difference between all 3 of them. The Hoya was optically as good as K&F except it was very staticky that I had to return it. I didn't like it's not non-slip either. The K&F is not staticky at all and very easy to clean. When there's no reflection, it looks like there's no glass inside the ring. Kind of like magic. It's very well made.
I use it on my Zeiss 50mm f/1.5 Sonnar T* ZM. There's no play and it fits perfectly. Very happy about the purchase.
Fantastic! Love The Non-Slip Design!
Just got a new lens, needed a 77mm filter to protect it. I'm not going to sit and tell you this glass is better than some other glass. I just got it, and I'm not an optics expert.
But, I will tell you the packaging was beautiful, the filter case- one of the nicest I've ever seen. It is circular- and holds multiple size filters with grooves in an internal bracket. So much nicer than the big clunky square filter boxes I've got from other brands.
But- the killer was the filter being so thin- and that it has 2 areas that are gnarled, for you to grab it- while the rest is smooth- a really nice feature.
Seems right at home on my Canon RF24-105/4 L IS USM.
Didn't notice any difference in speed of focus- or aberration- but, again- I'm not a lab.
I'm pretty happy with this brand. Didn't expect to be
I purchased this for a camera that I seldom use. It still is a valuable collectors item that I want to keep in excellent condition and that means I needed to protect the lens. I only have filters with the Zeiss "T" coating constructed of German Schott glass on the cameras I use frequently, because I consider them the best multicoated filters that I can afford but, I cannot spend that kind of money for a camera I use infrequently.
Any camera that is threaded to accept a filter deserves the protection that comes with a mounted filter in front of the actual camera lens. I would rather risk damage to the AR coating on a filter that can be easily replaced than risk damaging the actual lens on any of my cameras from cleaning, and exposure to airborne dust or chemicals.
This brand of filter came carefully packed and the filter holder included with the filter is well designed and provides excellent protection for the filter when it is not on the camera lens because I am using a different type of filter. This filter has multiple AR coatings on both sides of the filter and after comparing the results of identical pictures with the same camera using this filter and one of my prized and now unaffordable Zeiss "T" filters I can say that I can see no difference in the results. I am sure an optical lab could document some differences, but in the real world, I can see no differences when comparing the test pictures I captured through this filter and the Zeiss filters I have used.
This design works so well, I will slowly replace the older non Zeiss filters I have on my older lenses and cameras with these newer designs.
So far so good. It adds the right amount of haze for portraits to make it's stylistic. It doesn't add too much in my opinion, and the picture is still pretty sharp.
Overall, I am satisfied with this K&F model, which dims the light sources at night and creates a pleasant atmosphere during the day. I use it with an Xpro-1 which makes a combo with an analog rendering for a digital camera.