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This has been a great buy so far! I love look and overall design. I use it for my LUMIX S5ii, lenses and my MacBook Air.

1000% Recommend to any creatives looking for a new travel bag on a budget.
The quality, the construction, the care for the seams, it's really worth it.
Quality is important. Quality is important. Quality is important.
Fantastic pro camera bag! Perfect for outdoors and travel.
Used in a long time! I have other bags at this price point. They are not up to the job I put them through. This bag is perfect for a Professional setup and it doesn't cost me 300+. I will keep getting this product as long as I need more storage for my gear! It's durable, is sturdy and well made as well as versatile.
Pictured on the left is a GEM Accessories bag that is marketed towards Yugioh/trading card players and is sold for $120 retail (if you can get one) and $200+ on the secondary market.

I bought this “camera bag” solely due to the similarities to my GEM bag. I can happily say although there are significant difference between the two, I am incredibly happy with this purchase and would almost say this better meets the needs of my current situation.

The overall construction and material quality between the two are incredibly similar if there is any difference at all. One thing to note is that on the KF backpack the the padding on the straps is much thicker than that of the GEM which is a huge plus when wearing for extended amounts of time.

I really like how the bag opens allowing full access to the interior versus having to dig from the top down. This is fantastic for those of you like me who carry multiple decks. It can snuggly fit 6+ Gamegenic sidekick XL deck boxes, a monster double deck box, Spellground Playmat and medium sized dice case with a fair amount of room to spare.

Overall I am incredibly pleased with this purchase and would highly recommend to anyone looking to use as either a camera bag or trading card backpack.
Bought to use for MTG/Card Games Bought to use for MTG/Card Games Bought to use for MTG/Card Games Bought to use for MTG/Card Games Bought to use for MTG/Card Games Bought to use for MTG/Card Games Bought to use for MTG/Card Games Bought to use for MTG/Card Games Bought to use for MTG/Card Games
This bag is a life saver for me. I restarted college for a 2nd degree. And I am forced to take photography classes. So I use this aa both a regular backpack, and for my camera. So I don't need to carry multiple bags or accessories around!!! I also use it for work as a tattoo artist, so this bag is beyond multifunctional!!!

Absolutely worth it.
Really Good Backpack
Maletín de excelente manufactura. Muy bonita combinación de colores.
Práctico, liviano, cómodo. Fácil para ordenar todos los elementos fotográficos.
I previously bought another backpack at the same price. Only this one feels better and more practical. super comfortable.
very cool backpack) really motivates him to constantly take it and go take photos
Very practical photo backpack. Particularly suitable for Canon EOS cameras with attached zoom 100-400 including sun visor. It was super easy to remove and store away from above. The arched flap at the top clears the way with a short zip operation. A wide-angle zoom with a wide sun visor and a second camera and other lenses are also no problem. The backpack is very easy to carry and has many additional pockets, including many clip straps for tripods, jackets, towels, etc. The only flaw was the chest strap holds the two straps together in front of the shoulder. Went on me because it is only clipped on, not sewn. You can get it back on with a little effort, but it probably won't last, I don't use it anymore although it was/is useful. I can only recommend the part, it's definitely worth the price!
This is my first camera backpack! I always wear one - I recently got a camera too and it's perfect! Compartment for camera is sufficient for several lenses, camera is stable inside and does not shake much. Enough space for more SD cards, spare batteries or anything else. The upper compartment can be connected to the lower one (but there is no point in doing so) because there is enough space for snacks or charging cables etc... Another recommendation! Please tap Useful!