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Overall Rating 4.6   9
Good quality and timely delivery. I have knocked off one star because it's a very tight fit on my Adaptall 24mm lens and I cannot fully align the dots on the lens and mount, but it's within a millimetre. Great to be able to use a 44 year old lens again.
This adaptor was really useful.I purchased a Tamron 500mm f8 lens from eBay and I needed it to work on my Nikon D810. This adaptor did the trick, I was able to get super cool shots!
Good fit with Tamron Adaptall lenses, but bear in mind you won't be able to use your Nikon DSLR with AF. I could only use my older Tamron lenses in Manual mode, meaning no autometering, no AF. Also bear in mind older lenses are 35mm format, while DSLRs are 24mm.
Just a piece of plastic. Would have liked it to be made of metal. However, it has made my old Tamron zoom useful way past its age.
Well made adapter maybe could do with being marked to show which side is for camera and which for lens, would be quicker if swapping, but its only a choice of two sides.
UPDATE: Since my D750 camera was not on the list for this adapter, I wrote to you earlier and you clarified that it would work. Yes, it WILL connect the lens, but the aperture ring won't move. I have two old Tamron lenses that date back to the 1970's and used on my Pentax. I tested my two lenses and I have to return it.
Although there is not much to this item it fitted properly, and was well finished. I used it to attach a 500mm mirror lens on a Nikon D700. The lens being fixed aperture and manual focus the only requirement was to fix the lens to the camera. Using the camera on Aperture priority exposures were correct and focusing using the rangefinder indication in the viewfinder was straightforward.
works exactly as described and only bought it to try my old Tamron lens for my old 35mm yashica on my new Nikon D3200.So it works.
Excellent item , price , delivery & service. Fitted straight to my Adaptall 2 lens to use with my Nikon D3200 ( manual setting only ) .