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The cap is nicely built - a combination of plastic and silicone material. It's pretty much a must-have, if you want to protect your expensive filter, while in use. The only criticism would be, that it doesn't fit the new CPL & ND2-32 Nano-X filters, which are wider than the other variable ND filters and, of course, have the orange handles. If such a version of this cap is created for the CPL & ND2-32 Nano-X filters, that would be very nice and I'll be getting one ASAP.
The 77mm lens cap is not too tight that it's a pain to get on and off but also I don't think it'll fall off in the bag. Kinda perfect sweet spot for the Tiffen 72mm Variable ND.
Por alguna razón el vendedor proporciona información errónea: si tienes una lente de 72mm la tapa que tienes que comprar es la de 62mm.

En mi caso, la tapa original de la lente sigma 18-35 sigue funcionando perfectamente sobre un filtro de K&F pero buscaba sustituir la tapa del objetivo por una de silicona que se me hace más cómoda y tiene mejor grip.

A pesar del grosor que puede generar duda, se puede poner aún con el parasol en el objetivo (ver foto).
OJO! Si tienes lente de 72mm compra el de 62mm OJO! Si tienes lente de 72mm compra el de 62mm
This product is nice protection to the variable ND filter
I put polarpro defenders on all my lenses because they cover most filters, offer protection, and they’re a lot harder to lose than an OEM lens cap. This new offering from K&F is awesome and will work with my filters. It’ll fit better in the pocket while shooting also. I’m headed over to buy a second for another lens.
I got it to go with my new K&F variable ND with the putter on the side. Hate that they don’t come with covers so ordered this, took an X-Acto knife and just cut a notch out for the putter and it fits perfectly over the 82 nd filter.
Fits great with the new K&F filter with a modification. Fits great with the new K&F filter with a modification. Fits great with the new K&F filter with a modification.
I think it would have been very inconvenient to use the ND filter and not be able to protect the lens when not in use, I am very glad that I also bought this lens cap, it is very well made with excellent quality
Using it on my 24-70 GMii, works perfect, stays on snug, thick for protection. Allows me to never take my ND off. 10/10 would recommend.
This is a little loose on the 82mm Polarpro variable ND filter. I understand that it’s not made for the Polar Pro brand, BUT it fits well enough! I had contacted Polar pro customer service about getting a replacement cover for my ND but never got a response. They do have their defender series but I was looking for something that was low profile. If you’re in need of a cover for your polar pro, this works pretty well.
Fits the 82mm polar pro Peter McKinnon
I recently picked up an 82 mm first edition Peter McKinnon variable ND 6-9 stops second hand. It had everything including the magnetic case, however it did not have the cover for the lens (The slim defender). This led to the lens shifting around in the case and I was nervous it could crack the glass eventually. Unfortunately Polarpro doesn't make the first editions anymore and don't make or sell the slim defenders either. I picked this up and it perfectly fits on the vnd filter and fits jn the magnetic case like a charm! If anyone else finds themselves in this situation, I would highly recommend