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M42 Lenses to Fuji X Mount Camera Adapter

Product Code: KF06.058

Overall Rating 4.8   201
M42 Lenses to Fuji X Mount Camera Adapter
I stumbled on K&F Concept adapters by chance, and I have to say they are the best I have seen, or used. I use a lot of legacy lenses with my Fuji X-T1, and I've always gone for the cheap end.With a 45 year old manual lens, with a manual aperture ring, I cannot see how a £100 adapter can be ten times better. Apart from good fit and finish, what could it offer in terms of functionality.Nothing, as far as I can see.Nonetheless, I have bought 3 different brand cheap adapters, and two of them feel cheap, and there is some play in the lens to adapter mount. None of the three inspire confidence.Then I chanced upon K&F Concept. A M.Rokkor mount adapter for a lens I'd just bought on Ebay. It looked good in the advert, and cost under £10, so I ordered it.When it arrive I was amazed by the quality, (compared to my other cheapies), this felt like a precision made piece of engineering,and as soon as I put it on I could tell that it was.I've now got 5 K&F adapters - 2 M.Rokkor, 1 M42, 1 M39, and 1 Canon FD. All of them are made to a standard I find hard to fault. They click gently into place, with a comforting noise, there's no wobbles, wiggles, or other issues,They also all look very nice, with, good finish, chromed accents, and their brand name displayed boldly.In short, these are great! I'd really recommend them :-)