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I am a photographer and I love adding accessories to my kit. One piece of the ‘kit’ that has been elusive to me is functional, easy-to-use lens filters. I have a great set of variable ND filters, but the one thing I keep struggling with is getting them lined up exactly right in order to screw them into the lens. K&F Concept, a surprising, budget-friendly accessory manufacturer has a really cool set of magnetic lens filters. The set comes with a soft-sided, waterproof carrying case, adapter ring, MCUV filter, CPL filter, and ND1000 filter. The idea behind this set is that you screw on one adapter, leave it on the lens, and then pop the filters on and off as you need them. You don't waste any time while shooting trying to get the filters lined up just right. I think this is a great filter system. The filters are well-made and high-quality.
Easy to install filters Easy to install filters Easy to install filters Easy to install filters Easy to install filters
I've had these lens filter kit for a few months now. Unfortunately, the magnetic base ring got warped probably from pressure on my bag. They replaced it without any hassle. I would suggest keeping the base ring in a non-bendable case which is what I will be doing from now on. I would definitely buy from this seller again!
Great filter, very easy to install. They could have left out the UV filter and added an ND filter instead. UV filter is superfluous and nobody needs it :)
Great filters Great filters
Great product but when you buy a single filter you get a lens cap with it but you do not when you buy the entire set.
very nice filter kit with pouch. Quality is great and just fit the lens without issue. I used to buy my other lens filter from Taobao and now I will definitely go to K&F for sure. It's cheaper and fast delivery.
Very nice filter kit
Just when you thought... who would reinvent the wheel? K&F did it so well! I have the bevy of traditional filters and have always been screwing them on and off, carrying them with me, etc. All the usual ways we all use. That's what caught my eye when I saw "magnetic" and although... eh, seems weird. But I'm always ready for life when it comes to those little things, so I gave these a try. And now I find if I had to screw my filters on it would drive me crazy. This is a MUCH BETTER mousetrap for filter play! I swap out filters more often and use them more than I normally would. The magnets are strong and the filters are what you expect them to be. So far I love these. They just clip on, you screw on the magnetic ring and then the filters clip onto it. Your lens cap goes on top of the filter, so if you don't want the filter, I take it upon myself to take it with the lens cap and set it aside until I need it. If you use or swap out filters a lot, do yourself a favor and get these! I'm about to order a few more sets for my other lenses.
A twist for a classic! A twist for a classic!
Everything arrived well packaged and as expected.
Great quality and the carry pouch is awesome.
This filter system is really great for a quick on/off in certain photo situations. I ordered it for my 24mm lens. Disappointment came quickly. Because the filters gave me a circular image on my monitor :(. Unfortunately, that's a pity. Well, I think for small-angle photography, e.g. 50mm or so, it could be a good system, because the quality of the glasses is high in my eyes, but how said, only usable to a limited extent Went back K & F rectangular filters were added.
Limited useful Limited useful Limited useful
I treated myself to a set of magnetic lens filters and bought this cap here as well. If you often use filters for photography, you should think about getting a magnetic set!
finally no more fumbling when changing lenses finally no more fumbling when changing lenses
liked the fact that they are magnetic because it's much quicker to swap or remove one for the other without having to screw them on. I wear UV all the time to protect the lens and sometimes when I want to pull off a few steps light or there is water I leave the CPL on. They are of good quality and reasonable price. I tried the variables and there is no color; much better this one and I forget about the vignetting. The ND 1000 is also very suitable for long exposures. I miss the fact that the magnetic metal cover is not included in the kit. I ended up buying a loose ND 64 filter so I could have it and love the speed of having the camera ready.
Simple operation through magnetization Simple operation through magnetization