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Canon EF Lenses to M43 MFT Mount Camera Adapter

Product Code: KF06.090

Canon EF Lenses to M43 MFT Mount Camera Adapter
High quality but not electronic. Make sure your lens has the RED dot, not white.
Don\'t be confused by what this adapter does and doesn\'t do. Many reviews and answered questions are misleading. Just to be absolutely clear, this adapter works with the Panasonic Lumix G7 body and Canon EF lenses, NOT Canon EF-s lenses. If your lenses have the RED dot, them this adapter will work for you. If they have the WHITE dot, then you will not be able to focus the lens when mounted and should not bother with it.K&F has a good product here. The ir build quality is very good and the adapter fits very snug on the camera and Canon lenses. K&F\'s description of the product is also accurate... it\'s for EF lenses. Just be advised that this is a mechanical adapter... it has NO electronics and your Lumix G7 will not be able to auto-focus an EF lens nor will it be able to adjust the aperture. Once an EF lens is mounted, you are on your own in the camera\'s manual mode only.Once you mount a lens on the G7, you will need to go into C mode (custom) on the settings dial and toggle down to turn ON the setting that allows the camera to operate without a lens. That will allow the shutter to operate. Unfortunately, the adapter does not come with instructions so this isn\'t obvious.Sadly, my EF-S lenses are the smaller ones that I wanted to use with the G7 and that is why I bought the adapter. Shame on me for not realizing that they are not what it was made for. Don\'t make the same mistake.