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DSLR Camera Messenger Shoulder Bag Gray 9.8*5.1*8.7 inches

SKU: KF13.078

DSLR Camera Messenger Shoulder Bag Gray 9.8*5.1*8.7 inches
Beautiful and comfortable, with lots of pockets
Executive summary: I would classify this bag as a true medium-sized camera shoulder bag. It can hold an additional large lens compared to my current, beloved Evecase compact medium shoulder bag; however, my current bag has lots of closed exterior pockets which this K&F bag does not have. However, this K&F bag has many internal pockets. Overall, this bag does a good job of blending style, functionality, comfort, and usage of space. The construction quality and durability seem excellent, indicating a long expected lifespan for the bag. Continue reading for my more detailed review.Verbal-unboxing: The bag arrived in plastic packaging and in excellent condition. Also included was a comfortable, padded shoulder strap. Further, a kit was included with various lens cleaning utilities including a packet of lens cleaning tissue paper, a microfibre lens cleaning fabric, a squeeze-blower to blow dirt from the lens, a lens cleaning brush with built-in charcoal lens cleaner, and a small spray container that could be used to carry some lens cleaning solution. The pictures in the item description are accurate.Pros:+ Design. For the most part, the bag exterior is made of grey nylon with brown faux leather at various stitch points. The buckles are made of polished metal, and fit in nicely with the brown straps as well as with the rest of the bag. One of my favourite aspects of the bag is that the two front buckles magnetically slot into place, facilitating closure. The shoulder strap is comfortable and connects to rectangular metal rings on either end of the bag. While there is a top nylon handle at the back for lifting and hanging the bag, practically-speaking, the shoulder strap must be used for transport. The shoulder strap is not detachable. Just underneath where the shoulder strap attaches on either end, there is a slim, open exterior pocket. Further, there is a large, open, exterior pocket that extends the length and depth of the bag, just behind the top handle. I only recommend storing items in the latter pocket in dry weather. Underneath the top cover is a second cover that folds open and closes magnetically. There is also an open, interior pocket, that itself houses smaller pockets, including a zipper pocket. The very interior of the bag is very well padded, with about half an inch of firm padding all the way around. Due to the thickness of the padding, the size of the bag does not vary greatly between being empty and full. Overall, the bag is elegant and classy.+ Interior compartments. Included are two padded and adjustable compartment dividers, each comprising about half an inch of padding and measuring 11.5 cm (4 1/2") high. The dividers are fastened to the internal sides of the bag by velcro, and are thus adjustable. In addition to the three compartments formed by the two dividers is a small, open, fixed pocket at either end of the bag. At the back is a slim compartment large enough to fit a small 8" long tablet (e.g., iPad Mini fits perfectly).+ Fit. Realistically, I can fit about two long lenses/flashes (one of which is attached to the body), one short/medium lens, a single DSLR camera body, and an iPad Mini, with little room to spare in the main internal compartment. The included mesh kit would not fit in the bag with the above kit.+ Style. I very much like the colour scheme. The woven grey exterior looks great and professional, mostly in an urban setting. The interior is black, and while stylish, it makes it difficult to distinguish the bag from most camera parts (which are often black).+ Waterproof. Nylon in general is a good water-resistant fabric. The bottom of the bag is reinforced, though it does not have any metal feet to keep the bag off the ground, which would have been useful to keep moisture from creeping in from the bottom. All that being said, the affixed cleaning label indicates that the bag is meant to be kept away from moisture; I only hope that this is not an indication of a compromised ability to repel water.Cons:- Open exterior pockets. I am concerned about the three open, exterior pockets. During inclement weather, these pockets are somewhat exposed to the elements. In particular, the large pocket on the back that extends the full length of the bag is bound to accumulate water should it start to rain/snow.Neutral:o Cleaning. The bag cannot be put in the wash for obvious reasons, and must therefore be handwashed should anything ever stain its appearance.o Specifications:Dimensions (measured when closed): approx. 28 cm (11") x 17 cm (6 1/2") x 20 cm (8")Dimensions of mesh kit: approx. 17 cm (6 1/2") x 14 cm (5 1/2")Weight: 0.67 kgMaterial: Nylon + PU leatherWaterproof: YesRaincover: Not includedFriendly request: PLEASE click “YES" in the feedback below if this review was in any way helpful to you. I write these reviews to help other consumers — my way of giving back. My reward is you benefiting from my review.
Beautiful and comfortable, with lots of pockets Beautiful and comfortable, with lots of pockets Beautiful and comfortable, with lots of pockets Beautiful and comfortable, with lots of pockets Beautiful and comfortable, with lots of pockets Beautiful and comfortable, with lots of pockets Beautiful and comfortable, with lots of pockets Beautiful and comfortable, with lots of pockets