77mm MCUV+CPL+ND1000+Adapter Ring Magnetic 4 in 1 Lens Filter Kit Waterproof Scratch-Resistant Anti-Reflection with Filter Pouch

SKU: SKU.1626

  • 99.99
Overall Rating 4.7   105
Game changer!
I've wanted to try these K&F Concept Magnetic Filters since they were announced. I'm glad I bought these. They are great, super easy to use and swap out in the field. Simply attach the magnetic ring to your lens and then it's easy to attach and swap out the filters easily. No hassle of having to screw the filters on and off, this is totally a game changer in my opinion, I own a bit of K&F gear and these are great quality as always, I have the k&f square filter kits, but that's a lot easier, the included case is really nice too, they're not cheap but you get what you pay for, I'm very happy overall
Game changer! Game changer! Game changer! Game changer! Game changer!