77mm MCUV+CPL+ND1000+Adapter Ring Magnetic 4 in 1 Lens Filter Kit Waterproof Scratch-Resistant Anti-Reflection with Filter Pouch

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Excellent, practical and light filters
As a landscape photographer, I found this filter system very interesting. Unlike screw filters, these filters are applied and removed in a fraction of a second, while unlike panel filters, they are much less bulky, lighter and of course much quicker to install. PACKAGING AND ATTENTION TO DETAIL The filters are supplied in a comfortable and really well behaved four compartment pencil case. The case on the back has a tear-off buckle that allows us to attach it to our tripod or pants, and also a metal ring so that it can be attached to our backpack, to the tripod column or wherever we prefer. Finally, the zipper of the pencil case is rainproof or water leakage. The filters are contained and protected in special bags to avoid possible damage. CONSTRUCTION These magnetic filters from K&F Concept's Nano series are made of optical glass, which is perfectly resistant to water, oil and dust. The outer frame is made of lightly knurled aluminum to allow for an excellent grip. They are extremely thin and even if all three filters are mounted at the same time (UV, CPL and ND1000), the thickness is extremely small. UV FILTER In the photos I took with the UV filter, there is no color shift, no loss of sharpness and detail, and no dominance. POLARIZING FILTER This polarizing filter provides a pleasing overall contrast to the image, increasing the contrast between individual colors and saturating them without exaggeration. In addition, it offers a very light, warm dominant that it doesn't mind in person, but can easily be corrected in post-production. FILTER ND1000 The first thing that strikes you when using this ND filter is that it produces a slight - but present - hot dominant. Personally I think it's not a problem as it can be removed with one click in post production. After all, the overall sharpness as well as the details of the image are not changed. CPL+ND1000 FILTER I think the CPL+ND1000 coupled is very interesting. In fact, the effect of polarization reduces the hot dominant of the ND1000 filter and also provides a pleasant saturation and a soft overall contrast between the colors of the final image. In terms of sharpness and detail, there is no significant deterioration. On the other hand, there is a slight vignetting. PRACTICALITY The K&F Concept Nano Series Magnetic Filter Kit is extremely practical. The pencil case that contains the filters has a compact size that allows us to carry it in our backpack while sacrificing very little space. The weight is extremely light, which is very useful for those who go on long hikes, where the weight of the equipment can be felt after several hours. Installing and removing filters is nothing short of lightning. You can easily mount all three filters in seconds and remove them in as many seconds as possible. The hold of the magnets is really good and therefore there is no fear of finding yourself with filters that fall during the recording or transport phase. WHO TO RECOMMEND IN CONCLUSION, I would strongly recommend this filter set, excellent value for money: - those who are looking for a first filter set to experience creativity; - those looking for an excellent ratio between quality, size and weight; - those looking for maximum practicality in recording and composition. PS The filter comparison photos have not been edited and are therefore the original file, exported directly from RAW to JPG format.
Excellent, practical and light filters Excellent, practical and light filters Excellent, practical and light filters Excellent, practical and light filters Excellent, practical and light filters Excellent, practical and light filters Excellent, practical and light filters Excellent, practical and light filters Excellent, practical and light filters