77mm MCUV+CPL+ND1000+Adapter Ring Magnetic 4 in 1 Lens Filter Kit Waterproof Scratch-Resistant Anti-Reflection with Filter Pouch

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Overall Rating 4.7   105
K&F Innovate again, almost perfect...
own some K&F Concept Products. They offer quality products without the high price that we are used to in the world of photography. Let's talk about the filters individually first. All 3 filters are of the highest quality, at least at this price point/level, as we have come to expect from K&F Concept products: - The CPL filter has no color shift and works as expected. -Same for the ND1000, although I don't often use 10-stop filters during my testing (my most used filter is a VND Nano from K&F Concept) it worked well, no cross present even when step-up -Rings were used. -The UV filter has no color shift and the main purpose of the UV filter nowadays is to protect the lens surface BUT where this kit has VERY MINOR problem: The magnetic ring holder. The magnetic ring holder works great with the ND and the CPL, just not so well with the UV filter, but it is by no means bad or I would call it unsafe, at least not on the 82mm filter size version, your mileage may vary Size of the kit will vary as the magnetic finish may be different on your version, only the grip doesn't feel as tight as the other two filters and there is a SMALL bit of play but not enough to justify a star over it lost, I mean if you shake the camera with full force you might drop them, but with regular use I don't see them just falling off the ring holder. As a sum of all parts I would say this was almost perfect. This kit complements my VND ND2-400 and includes everything I need to cover all my filters along my step up rings. The UV filter thing doesn't make it lose a star but maybe half so I'd say 4.5 but since there's no option for that if I had to choose between 4 or 5 stars I'll go with 5.
K&F Innovate again, almost perfect... K&F Innovate again, almost perfect... K&F Innovate again, almost perfect...