Double Strap Adjustable Digital Camera Double Shoulder Quick Release Camera Strap Camcorder Straps

SKU: GW44.0002

  • 19.99
Overall Rating 4.8   10
Very well made and it should be perfect for my need.
After a few easy adjustments this fit me very well and should be perfect for my bigger photo shoots using 2 cameras, or even just one. I haven't actually used it yet, but adjusted and tried it out in my studio last night. After adjusting, it is quite comfortable to wear and easy to lift either camera into shooting position without needing to unhook them. All of the harness, including the hooks and hardware appear well made and should last a very long tome. I like the very well designed bolt and plate that attaches to the camera, and the locking hook that attaches the harness to the camera. There is no chance of the camera falling off unless the lock and hook have been opened, which is a 2 step process, so very secure.
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Awesome product!
This is perfect for the casual photographer. It has everything you can think of- a level, adjustment options, etc
Zachary Walters
Very well built for the price.
Much better Product than expected. Plan on buying an extra.
Doanld Hansberger
Five Stars
works great for all my needs and I use it on a daily basis!
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