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I am Kim, raised in a family that holds consumer reports in high regard. My father's meticulous approach to purchases, be it a camera, bag, or earphones, involves a thorough analysis of relevant consumer reports as if they were sacred texts. However, the official recommendations don't always align with individual needs. As an engineer, my father delves into unboxing, testing, and scrutinizing pros and cons. He shares these experiences at gatherings, transforming from a reserved figure to the focal point of attention.

This sharing culture brings rewards, and my father has gained valuable product recommendations from peers, establishing him as the product expert in our small town. As I grew up, I harbored a dream – to assist everyone in selecting products akin to my father's discerning approach. Thus, KentFaith was conceived with the intention of providing products that act as reliable companions, streamlining decision-making processes and minimizing trial-and-error costs.

My exposure to consumer pain points from a young age has driven KentFaith to rise above. Standing on the foundation of my father's expertise, we go beyond by gathering and addressing diverse product demands. Our commitment extends to developing products that seamlessly blend functional needs with emotional warmth. Leveraging the global connectivity of the internet, KentFaith transcends geographical boundaries, bringing together the voices of consumers worldwide. Our vision is to enhance social charm and facilitate the enjoyment of products tailored to individual preferences.

KentFaith aims to be your trusted partner in making informed choices, together, let's redefine how we choose, experience, and cherish the products that become an integral part of our lives.


1. Making customers, not sales,

2. Customer is the first priority; continuously to improve customer satisfaction and customer value.

3. Focus to understand who is our customer, what is our customer profile like, what products our customers are looking for, then we provide solutions rather than sell products.  


Customer-centric, KentFaith is committed to solving for customer needs and exceeding expectations along the way is how to provide suitable products and foster good relationships with photo and video customers.

1. Provide tailored product recommendation to ensure customers select the right products instead of the most expensive ones;

2. Provide long-term value to users with friend-like technical support;

3. Provide the most impartial and professional product &services advice to ensure that users are satisfied with each purchase.

Core Values

Our commitment is making customers, not sales. During the past decades, we have focused on listening to our customers’ needs to deliver best matching products not the most expensive ones. We want our customers to feel they have a trusted friend in the business for honest advice and straight talk.

Our brand KentFaith promises of courtesy, knowledge, assortment and value. KentFaith’ dedication to service, expertise and customer satisfaction is underpinned by competitive prices and the largest range of photo and video products.


KentFaith is K&F's affiliate sales and marketing platform. In order to provide a better product service to photo and video customers, K&F built a new brand named KentFaith to ensure a larger product range to meet customers’ need.
KentFaith photo and video products are made to provide the best user experience for consumers. KentFaith engineers work closely with users to learn what products change works and what doesn’t. So, we can make it all work better. Every innovation we make is driven by a desire to increase performance, ease of use or productivity. We change a product because the change makes a better experience for users, not just for the sake of change. We spent huge efforts in marketing research, product simulation, product quality inspection, strict user experience testing. All of these efforts are dedicated to provide a better user experience to exceed user’s need.

Committed to meet customer needs.

Have you ever been to a store and not found what you were looking for? This happens all the time and it is very common to photo and audio customers also as we have thousands of products in this fields. KentFaith is committed to improve the consumer experience, providing the most suitable products to consumers, rather than simply selling products to consumers.