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ND filter VS CPL When and how to use them?

(K&F Concept ND and CPL filters On Sale UP to 67% OFF. Shop Now!)ND filters and cpl(polarizing filters) are 2 lens filters that commonly used. Both are regarded as some of the must-have filters for landscape photography as they enable the photographers to capture more realistic and dramat...

What is an ND1000 Filter?

Why do I need an ND filter? Neutral Density (ND) filters reduce the amount of light entering the camera, enabling longer exposure time than would otherwise be possible with your normal camera settings. This enhances the motion giving surreal scenes in photos that display motion.What is an ND1000 ...

GND8 3 f-stop Graduated Neutral Density Filter - K&F Concept

An elegant solution to mount filters on your lens without necessarily resorting to expensive and impractical screw filters (you should have a complete set for each lens of your photographic kit) is to use an external neutral density graduated ND filter. These filters are typically rectangular i...

Messenger Camera Bag - K&F Concept

Features Exterior Dimension (L*W*H) :15*4.5*11'' (38*11.5*28 cm),can hold 1 DSLR camera + 2 lenses + 9.7'' iPad ,Some little accessories also could be stored in the front pockets. Easy-to-access top opening for the camera, convenient for you to get your equipment at any time; The top grab ...

Carbon Tripod Review - K&F Concept

This mid-size travel tripod is one of the most popular ones from K&F Concept. The TC2534 is a carbon tripod with the option to convert it to a monopod, or for close up/macro/low down shooting you can use the supplied short column or reverse the main one. I show the tripod in detail, up close and...