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Portraits with a variable ND Filter K&F Concept

Hi all !, in this video Want to share with you guys about my experience with Neutral Density filter K&F Concept, my HSS alternative I used Godox aAD200PRO and Godox V1 Where to get this Filter ★ND+CPL Filter (official website) ...

How to choose an ND filter?

An ND filter (neutral density filter) can reduce the light entering the camera sensor. It is useful when a sufficiently long exposure time is not otherwise achievable within the widest apertures (or at the lowest ISO setting).                    &nbs...

Is the ND filter only working for landscapes?

Filters are must-have accessories in landscape photography? For many landscape photographers. they are the essential tools.  But not every landscape photographer uses filters, and I know quite a few photographers who claim they never use them, believing that they degrade the image. On the othe...