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Lens Adapter

Best Lens Adapter Nikon To Fuji In 2020

Does buy the best Nikon to fuji lens adapter is difficult for you?  You must have a bunch of questions before purchasing one.  What's the best Nikon to fuji lens adapter out there nowadays? Where can I get the best mount adapter I need?Ready to find some best budget and good quality o...

Nikon Z Lens Adapters - K&F Concept

What is Nikon Z Lens adapater? Nikon Z lens adapters enable you to mount various other brand lenses (the lenses you've already owned) on your Nikon Z camera, unlocking a world of imaging possibilities!If you have a Nikon Z camera and own a bunch of old lenses from other brands, K&F Concept's ne...

What is Lens Adapters?

In photography, a lens adapter is a device that enables the use of camera and lens combinations from otherwise incompatible systems.How to identify the Mount Size?When it comes to mount size, there are a few important measurements that need to be done correctly, especially when a lens mount is being...

Lens Adapter for Canon FD Lenses to Canon EOS-R Mount Cameras

This K&F Lens Adapter allows you to attach Canon FD-mount lenses to your Canon RF-mount mirrorless camera body. This mount adapter has a fully manual design, which does not relay electronic communication between the camera and lens, and maintains infinity focus along with the ability to use aper...


I bought this FD to Micro 4/3 lens adapter because I have an old Canon FD FB f1.4 50mm lens that rested for 30 years. It was a shame to not use it again on my new body - the Panasonic G7. I decided to go for the K&F concept lens adapter because it was very cheap. And I wanted to find o...