Square Filter Holder System Pro Kit (Filter Holder + 95mm Circular Polarizer + Square ND1000 Filter + ND8 + ND64 + 4 Filter Adapter Rings) for Camera
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  • - 【Original Design-Super-Diameter & Ultra-Slim 】K&F Concept Pro Square Filter System won the iF DESIGN AWARD and Red Dot Design Award. The filter holder can hold both CPL and nd1000 filters. Holder thickness 12mm, 91mm large clear aperture. Effectively reduce the chance of vignetting when using an ultra-wide-angle lens. ultra-slim frame and large diameter ensure no vignetting on a wide-angle lens, rear CPL design for convenient install and removal. Camera Gear for Landscape Photography.
  • - 【Kit Includes 】Filter holder + ND8 filter(3-Stop) +ND64 filter(6-Stop) + ND1000 filter(10-Stop)+ CPL filter +4 * adpter rings(67mm/72mm/77mm/82mm)+ Leather filter pounches.
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