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100x100mm Square Filter Kit ND1000 Square Filter + Metal Filter Holder + 8pcs Adapter Rings For DSLR

4.7 61 Review(s) SKU.1596
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$69.99 $129.99 46% OFF
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  • Brand: K&F Concept
  • Free Shipping Worldwide. 30 Day No Reason Return. K&F Concept Square Filter Set, must-have for all photographers. Easy to carry with the holder bag. All in one set.
  • SKU.1596
  • SKU: SKU.1596
  • 69.99
  • • This SN25T1 ND1000 filter is an upgrade of the SN25T ND1000 square filter. It uses a coating process to solve the problem of color cast. Simply slide in different filters to take beautiful, colorful shots.
  • • The material of the filter is top-grade optical glass, which adopts double-sided multi-layer enhanced coating, which can effectively reduce the filter surface reflection.
  • • There are 8 filter ring adapters, included 49mm/ 52mm/ 58mm/ 62mm/67mm/ 72mm/ 77mm/ 82mm, allows you use the nd filter on your kinds of size camera lens.
ND1000 Square Filter
multi-resistant coating technology significantly reducing lens flare and ghosting while making the filter anti-scratch, water repellent, oil & dust resistant fit for the rigors of adventure photography.
ND1000 filter provides 10 f-stop reductions and is made with premium Germany Optics glass.
HD primary
color glass
High degree
of reduction
High light
Primary color optical glass ND1000- double parabolic mirror
Glass mirrors with no double throw, especially those with longer focal length, are blurred.
Scratch Resistant
The filter anti-scratch, water repellent, oil & dust resistant fit for the rigors of adventure photography.
Primary color glass coating
Water droplets are round.
Other lenses
Water droplets scattered.
Without ND Filter
1/6″ Shutter Speed
With ND Filter
2.5″ Shutter Speed
Reviews (61)
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This kit helped me get some great shots!
Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow!
Awesome filter
An indispensable filter for landscape and long exposure photography. High optical quality. The protective cover is fantastic. It always goes in my backpack.
Awesome filter Awesome filter
A great investment for landscape photography!
I have been looking for different ND filters before made a decision to buy this one. After several shots, it seems perfect for me as the following reasons:1. I got 2 different prime lens (and one more new is coming) with different diameters, so this square filter can applicable for all. It seems a quite economic solution. With a low budget, it seems a better deal than buying separately circular filters.2. The set includes all kind of diameters and easy to set up with typically clip and adapters. That is really helpful when focusing. It saves a lot of time than working with circular filters.3. The optical quality is great, especially at the corners. The pictures are clear and shaped.In conclusion, I believe that is a great deal for beginners and professional as well.
A great investment for landscape photography! A great investment for landscape photography!
Great product for a great price
The pack looks premium, the glass is high quality. Love it for less than $100.
Great product for a great price Great product for a great price
Filter set that punches way above its price!
Bought the improved KF concept square ND1000 filter kit and was really surprised at the quality at this price point!
Images came our sharp and without color cast !! Even expensive filters have a color cast, while this one does not!
Adapter rings make it very convenient for usage with multiple lens diameter and the holder is light yet strong.
Shot the photo attached here with this filter.....

Have already recommended this one to lots of people in our photography group!!
 Filter set that punches way above its price!

These images belong to K&F Concept end users.

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No. This filter holder can only hold 2 filters. I believe the more prudent course would be to get a filter that is rated for more stops and can replace two filters that are rated for less stops. There are filter holders that do hold 3 filters but they are smaller than the K&F filter holder (which is 100 x 100 mm). And in my opinion, the quality of those 3 fitter holders that are located on Amazon is less than the K&F system. 
Yes, you can add filters in this holder, two to be exact and as far as the thickness of the filter goes, I have no idea. I own several different name brands of filters which I use in this holder without any problem. All the filters I own fit nicely into the holder and for myself, I have never really given any thought to the filter thickness, however you will be able to fit only one filter per slot. Sorry I cannot be of more help but this filter works great for my photographic needs. 
If the filter size for your lens any of these adapter ring ( 52mm/ 58mm/ 62mm/67mm/ 72mm/ 77mm/ 82mm) then yes. 
I've been using ND filters for years, don't need to wrap it. All you need to do is keep in the pouch; handle with care. Use the same spray liquid that you would use on a lens if needed other than that same lens cloth to keep it clean. If you get a few more square filters a filter pouch is a nice addition. 
I did no use the leather pouch. I purchased a Neewer shoulder pouch. It held everything and easy to get in and out. I carried the 10ND and a 3 ND soft graduation filter.