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100*100mm Natural Night Square Filter Light Pollution Filter for Night Photography Sky/Star Astrophotography

5 3 Review(s) KF01.1144
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  • Brand: K&F Concept
  • Free Shipping Worldwide. 30 Day No Reason Return. K&F Concept Natural Night Square Filter uses double-sided optical glass, multi-layer coated, waterproof, oil-proof.
  • KF01.1144
  • SKU: KF01.1144
  • 99.99
  • • Light pollution doesn't only adversely affect the quality of night-time city and architectural photographs but also scientific astrophotography in urban areas. K&F Concept Round Filter helps to reduce the unwanted effect of light pollution, giving photographs more contrast and clarity as a result.
  • • K&F Concept Natural Night Filters made of double side Nano-Coating use waterproof and scratch-resistance technology ,bring the high-quality definition, low-reflection and no Vignetting.
  • • Block the most common wavelengths of light pollution in the night sky,Significant improvement in the colours throughout the whole scene
  • • With only 2mm thickness and 100*100mm size,No Color Cast and is made with premium Germany Optics glass.
  • • Suitable for Canon 16-35,Canon 24-70,Nikon 24-70,Nikon 70-200 and other 52mm,55mm,58mm,62mm,67mm,72mm,77mm,82mm lens, compatible with Lee Cokin Hitech Singh-Ray and other brand holder

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Natural Night

The distinct filter is designed to block the wavelengths of light created by mercury vapour, sodium and other Low CRI lights that are often used as streetlights. These lights are usually yellow/orange and are the primary cause of light pollution around cities. This makes capturing beautiful nightscapes near cities very difficult.

Multi-layer Anti-reflective CoatingTo Remove Light Pollution
If you are an ight photographer then you almost certainly have run into the horrible yellow glow of light pollution or the ugly yellow cast that street lights spread over urban nightscapes. This light pollution and yellow cast can hide stars and mess with the white balance of your scene.
Without Natural Night Filter
With Natural Night Filter

Keep far away from light pollution when enjoying the wonderful night

As you can see there is a significant difference in the yellow cast caused by the lights of the city. You also have an increase in the contrast of the image, especially in the areas that were washed out by strong nearby street lights. But you will also notice that you have a more magenta sky. Personally, I prefer the magenta sky over the yellow/green sky. But that is also an easy adjustment in post-processing.

Nanometer Coating
The night filter is a glass filter that is coated with a double-sided multi-layer waterproof and oil resistant coating. This reduces ghosting and flaring and also prevents the natural oils on your skin from sticking to and smearing the filter.
Scratch resistant
Double-sided multilayer
anti-reflection coating
Double polishing
and oil-proof
The filters are available in a variety of sizes to fit multiple filter holders.
Rating 3 reviews. 47 reviews. 264 reviews. 72 reviews. 90 reviews. 9 reviews.
Price $109.99 $99.99 $179.98 $84.99 $34.99 $29.99 $69.99 $64.99 $145.98 $64.99 $16.99 $13.99
Model KF01.1144 KF01.1087 SKU0129 KF01.1064 SKU.1596 KF01.1315
100*100mm 77mm 77mm 82mm 100x100mm 67mm
Filter Material
Optical glass Optical glass Optical glass Optical glass Optical glass
Filter Thickness
2.0mm 9.3mm 7.0mm 7.3mm 5.5mm
Ring Material
/ Aviation aluminum alloy Aviation aluminum alloy Aviation aluminum alloy Aviation aluminum alloy
Reviews (3)
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Works as Advertised--Highly Recommended
I've used this filter a few time now and it provides excellent contrast to city lights, structures and starry skies.I would buy this filter again!Rich
Great filter for reducing light pollution
Loving this filter! Fits perfectly in my holder and greatly reduced the amount of light pollution and makes the stars really pop. Highly recommended it to anyone looking to bring out their astrophotography
Good quality product well priced
Just received this so haven't been out and tried it yet but I've compared it's colour tone to a (much more expensive) Kase 150mm filter which makes me believe it'll be fine. It's packaged really well and has a brown leather-style pouch to store the filter which actually fits quite nicely into my Lowepro filter pouch - I think I'll keep it in that even in the pouch, not only to protect it but I'll be easily able to spot it in the dark! This glass filter fits perfectly in both my Nisi and Lee holder systems so I've given it five stars for the build quality and the fact it looks like it'll do what I need. I'll adjust this review if I discover otherwise when I've taken the first batch of photos with it.

These images belong to K&F Concept end users.

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100*100mm Natural Night Square Filter Light Pollution Filter
Size 100*100mm
Filter Material Optical glass
Filter Thickness 2.0mm
Shape Square
Ring Material /