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Cleaning cloth set needle a dust-free cleaning cloth dry cloth white 15*15cm color box 6 pieces

SKU: SKU.1684

Nice Cloths, Kinda Expensive.
Summery: These cloths get the job done, You don't even need spray to clean screens most of the time, I use them to clean my screens and to Wipe down my Electronics.If your like me and have alot of black colored gadgets and accessories fingerprints show up everywhere, these cloths wipe them away with ease without you having to worry about scratching or clouding the plastics with unnecessary cleaners and wipes I use it on my laptop, mouse, keyboards, controllers you name it. (Just don't use on glossy plastic surface,that will scratch.)They clean glass screens and plastic screens really well, Otterbox screen protectors are a pain to clean unless you have one of these badboys.Seriously, do yourself a favor and buy some of these, They are kind of expensive but they're worth the 7$. No longer will you have to spend an hour trying to clean your cloudy screen with your shirt