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TM2534T Lightweight Compact Tripod for Canon Nikon Camera Professional DSLR Photography 72 Inch Aluminium

SKU: KF09.015

BEST tripod I’ve ever owned. Great for travel
Before I start this review I’ll mention that my original K&F tripod was defective so I sent it back and they swapped it out once I got back from Japan. One leg(detachable) wouldn’t lock and there were also scrapes on the joints.That said, even that one held up amazing and worked a charm. Took it to Japan and Korea for a month and used it to capture some of my bucket shots. Despite the complaints about it not being a good travel tripod, I disagree. I’ve literally climbed Chureito pagoda(google it) with this thing and taken it all over Japan with me, no issues. If you’re a grown adult you should have no issues carrying this around in the case. I just put mine in the case and checked luggage. Tripod is very flexible allowing you to get 180 degree angles of a scene, legs are sturdy so nothing to worry about in wind. I haven’t used it fully extended(head) in the wind yet so I can’t 100 percent confirm that, however in my experience it’s held up well in typhoon season rain/wind when the camera is on. I use an M50 with a 16-35f4 and A7iii. For 139 bucks this thing is a steal. If you’re worried about it being aluminium over carbon fibre I wouldn’t worry about it, it’s built well and will last. This along with the mefoto tripod for 149, are in my opinion the best on the market.