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TM2534T Lightweight Compact Tripod for Canon Nikon Camera Professional DSLR Photography 72 Inch Aluminium

SKU: KF09.015

This tripod was exactly what I was looking for.
I ordered this tripod to replace an older tripod I've been using for years. I like macro photography and I've always needed a better way to get the low angles I like to get when I can't just toss the subject in my light box. This tripod allows me to reconfigure it to address the subject at just about any angle. I've been super happy with it so far.The only flaw I had was that the monopod leg had some metal inside it and I couldn't attach it to the center column to convert it to a monopod. I contacted the company and they replaced it quickly and effortlessly.I'm very pleased both with the quality and the cost. I'd totally recommend this product to a friend.