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K&F M12121 Canon EF Lenses to M43 MFT Lens Mount Adapter

SKU: KF06.090

Great budget option for micro 4/3
Great value for someone with a M43 and a EOS camera. As expected you must use manual focus and you cannot change amputure. Image is a little softer than when using it on a true EOS camera. I included a shot taken with a canon EF 75-300 1:4-5.5 III USM on the Panasonic lumix dmc-g7 mirrorless camera. No complaints about this adapter does everything as expected. Great if you want to use some cheaper used lenses. M43 lenses are pricey and some vintage lenses can come cheap, perfect temp solution while saving for a high end lens. Now my wife and I can share EOS lenses.