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K&F M12101 Canon EF Lenses to Sony E Lens Mount Adapter

SKU: KF06.069

Great adapter, solid build and great look
I own a number of legacy lenses that I use on my a6000. I also have a number of no-frills adapters from different brands. While all of them get the job done, K&F is one of my favorite. K&F seems to be a bit pricier than other brands but I like the look and feel of their adapters. Quality metal finish, sturdy feel and easy to use and remove.I used this adapter to connect the Canon 100mm Macro (non-L) to my a6000 before I ultimately sold both the lens and the adapter. The reason I sold both was because I ended up buying vintage macro lenses which had aperture rings. Using EOS lenses that don't have an aperture ring makes it difficult to change the aperture. You have to set the aperture while the lens is mounted on an EOS camera and then mount it onto the adapter. It was a bit cumbersome for my needs. It something to be aware of if you're serious in using EOS lenses on your alpha gear.