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Canon FD Lenses to Sony E Mount Camera Copper Adapter

SKU: KF06.306

Great improvement over the first version.
This is K&F Concepts 2nd version of their FD to NEX mount. This one currently doesn't have as many reviews, but is superior to the first - I've owned both.Quality and compatibility are a given at this point - K&F nailed this on the first version. The design improvements made to this version include the chromed camera mounting bayonet, the application of anti-reflective coating on the inside, and adding an ever so slightly amount of thickness to the top of the adapter. There's also some improvement in how the lock ring functions.As a result - the camera mounting mechanism is a little sturdier, light won't reflect off the inside of the adapter and add aberrations to photos (rare case), and there is slightly less beyond infinite focus which gives you a tiny bit of additional minimum focus distance. The ability to focus beyond infinity was never a strength of the first version, and while improved on this version, could still be better.Get this version over the other one. It's better.