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100*100mm ND8 3 Stop Neutral Density Square Filter

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Product Code: KF01.1145
  • Brand: K&F Concept
  • Buy K&F Concept 100*100mm nd8 3 stop neutral density square filter online, worldwide free shipping and 30 days return guarantee.
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100*100mm ND8 3 Stop Neutral Density Square Filter
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  • • ND8 square filter provides 3 f-stop reductions,With only 2.3mm thickness,No Color Cast and is made with premium Germany Optics glass.
  • • Double Thread,20-layer multi-resistant coating technology significantly reducing lens flare and ghosting while making the filter anti-scratch, water repellent, oil & dust resistant fit for the rigors of adventure photography.
  • • Nano Coating with metallic alloy film on both sides of clear glass - this coating process produces a true neutral image, free from infrared contamination (flat curve).
  • • Eliminates overly bright & washed-out images and enables longer exposures to capture the beauty of time and movement.
  • • K&F Concept Neutral Density 4x4" /100mm*100mm, so it Compatible with Cokin Z Series for DSLR Cameras Lens.
100x100mm ND8 3 Stop Neutral Density Square Filter
Made by german optical glasses, reduces the intake of light without affecting the overall color balance.
ND8 filter provides 3 f-stop reductions
HD primary
color glass
High degree
of reduction
High light
Without ND8 Filter
With ND8 Filter
Scratch Resistant
Water will not stay on the mirror
Primary color optical glass ND8- double parabolic mirror
Glass mirrors of no double throw, more to longer focal length, are blurred.
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Overall Rating 4.5   |   Write a review
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100*100mm ND8 3 Stop Neutral Density Square Filter
This is fast becoming my new favourite filter in my camera bag, when i shoot waterfalls I want to add some motion to my shots then rather than using a 6 or 10 stop
then this is always my first port of call now i dont want to lose all the texture from the water flow but want to show a little motion this filter will allow me 1/2 second to 2 seconds exposure and allow me to create the image i want. There is minimal colour casting if any at all and because its optical glass there is hardly any addtional noise added to the image. Great filter and as good as some of the other brands that cost 3 times the price
100*100mm ND8 3 Stop Neutral Density Square Filter
Good value ND filter - great for amateurs/enthusiasts
I’ve used this a few times now trying to capture long-exposure star-trails in the evening/night and seems to work flawlessly. I don’t have much experience with higher prices ND filters but can’t imagine what additional qualities or how much finer the glass could be for 2-3x the price.
100*100mm ND8 3 Stop Neutral Density Square Filter
Adequately does what it's supposed to do...
K&F "seem" to make reasonable quality products, and this ND filter fits the bill. You might think a dark piece of glass would be hard to screw up, but there are more ways to do so than you might think; irregularly tone or color probably being the most obvious. This little guy doesn't seem to suffer from either. It's evenly and neutrally dark. That said, I should point out that I haven't done any rigorous testing, mainly because, quite frankly, my photography isn't that rigorous. It simply does what it needs to do and for a reasonable price. Sure, if you wanted to, you could spend 2-3x more and get something equally functional, but wouldn't you rather spend that extra money a trip somewhere and actually use your camera? Of course you could also spend half as much and go to some really exotic local, but I'm pretty sure that if you did, you'd be disappointed with the images that cheap filter produced.
100*100mm ND8 3 Stop Neutral Density Square Filter
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