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KF150 TTL Flash Macro Ring Lite with LED for Canon EOS Rebel

  • Product Code: KF22.005
  • Brand: K&F Concept
  • Buy K&F Concept kf150 ttl flash macro ring lite with led for canon eos rebel online, check price and product reviews from K&F official store.
  • 103.99
$103.99    4.8 25 Review(s) Add your review
  • • 2.9 seconds high-speed recycle time and supports LED assist lamp ,won't let you miss every wonderful moment.
  • • Multiple flash mode: TTL auto flash for convenient operation as normal auto exposure; Master- manual flash for personal needs in exposure; Multi flash mode and rear-curtain sync for shooting a moving object.
  • • Flash A and Flash B with adjsutable 8 grades flash brightness, desinged for a complete picture with particular subject and accurate exposure.
  • • Dot-Matrix LCD display with backlight mode,can achieve easy adjustment for clear night photography.
  • • Compatible with the Canon Reble ( T5i T4i T3i T2i ), EOS ( 700D 650D 600D 550D 70D 60D 7D ); 18-135mm EF-S IS STM, EF-S 17-85mm f/4-5.6 IS USM Lenses.

KF-150 Marco Ring Flash Speedlite Specification:

* Circuit Design: Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor

* Flash index : GN14 (ISO100)

* Transmission range: 20CM ~ 5M

* Firing configuration: Two flash tubes can be fired together or singly

* Exposure Control Type: TTL, M, Multi

* Flash Ratio Control: 1:8 ~ 1:1 or 1:1 ~ 8:1 in 1/2 stop increments

* Color Temperature: 5500k

* External interface: Hot shoe, PC port, external charging port

* Power sources: 4*AA alkaline batteries or AA Ni-MH batteries (not included)

* Extra Function: Power saving, over-heat protection

* Control unit: 143*73*61MM

* Flash unit: 130*126*28MM

* Weight: Approx 465G

* Additional function : PC synchronous, Sniff mode, Over temperature protection

Marco Ring Flash Speedlite Feature:

* The Macro Ring Flash can produce a ring of light that reduces shadow which is excellent for taking macro shots.

* The Flash tube is mounted in front of your lens producing light that wrap around the objects.

* 6 adaptor ring is included to enable flashlight to couple with lens.

TTL Feature:

* The second way to control flash exposure, is as an automatically controlled burst of light. This flash
output can either becontrolled by the flashgun itself (usually called Auto mode), or by the camera in conjunction with the camera’s meteringsystem (usually called TTL flash).  When the flash is controlled by the camera, as then measured as the amount of light coming through the camera’s lens, it is called Through-The-Lens flash metering, (hence, TTL flash.)

Kit Includes

* 1 X Macro Ring Lite KF-150

* 1 X Mini stand  * 1 X User Manual

* 6 X Adapter ring (1pc/each size): 52mm,55mm, 58mm, 62mm, 67mm, 77mm

These images belong to K&F Concept end users.

Overall Rating 4.8 All Reviews
KF150 TTL Flash Macro Ring Lite with LED for Canon EOS Rebel
Five Stars
Very happy with this product, works great, good quality, great price compared to canon version.
KF150 TTL Flash Macro Ring Lite with LED for Canon EOS Rebel
Five Stars
Great flash very pleased with it.
KF150 TTL Flash Macro Ring Lite with LED for Canon EOS Rebel
Fantastic value for money.
I am very happy with this macro ring flash. I've got great images that I would not have been able to capture without it. The great thing is the fact that one can use a really small aperture to increase depth of field and know that the exposure is going to be reasonably close to what's desired once it's set for the rest of the camera settings.Like any flash light, the light will reflect off other surfaces and increase the exposure level depending upon the backdrop one might be shooting an insect for instance against. If it's on a single stem with nothing behind it's going to be less exposed than if it were at rest on a leaf where the light will bounce and increase the exposure level.I'm shooting with a 5Dmk4 so can happily increase the ISO to enable me to use the flash at almost its lowest output as I find the images are more pleasing when the ambient light is able to play a part in the exposure. Also the recycling times are almost immediate at lower settings enabling a number of quick shots if the subject is likely to take flight, and one wants to move around the angles to get different shots of the same subject. The battery life is better than any other shoe mount flash I possess.I'd buy again with no hesitation, comes in a great bag which has a belt loop.
KF150 TTL Flash Macro Ring Lite with LED for Canon EOS Rebel
Great buy
 I'm an amateur photographer and needed to buy this flash to get better shots.What's included:-Macro ring light-Mini stand-User Manual- 4 adapter rings( 52mm, 58 mm, 67 mm ,77mm)The photos shown were taken using 58 mm and it fit perfectly without any issuesYou're going to need 4 AA batteries (not included )The flash has an has a lot of features such as: it has LCD display , supports manual mode,supports TTL autoflash, adjustable light, you can adjust the flash tibes( tube A , tube B or both of them) and many more.Overall it's a great buy and I'll be using it alot.
KF150 TTL Flash Macro Ring Lite with LED for Canon EOS Rebel
I was very amazed at the quality when considering how much this macro ...
For the speed of delivery. 5tars. For the value of the product. 5 Stars. For the quality of the product. 5 Stars! I was very amazed at the quality when considering how much this macro flash-light cost. I researched carefully before buying and this paid off. I have taken some close-up photos of insects and I am delighted with the results!
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