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TM2515 Aluminum Tripod Monopod for DSLR Camera 60 inch 5 Sections

$95.99 $79.99 &Free shipping worldwide
Product Code: KF09.008
  • Brand: K&F Concept
  • Buy K&F Concept tm2515 aluminum tripod monopod for dslr camera 60 inch 5 sections online, worldwide free shipping and 30 days return guarantee.
  • Availability: Out Of Stock
  • 79.99
TM2515 Aluminum Tripod Monopod for DSLR Camera 60 inch 5 Sections
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  • • Dslr tripod legs are made of high-quality military use metal. can be folded 180 degrees reversely, easy to carry. Spiral type locking knob and plastic pull-out type button makes operation easier and quicker, better durable and abrasion resistant.
  • • This professional tripod provide stability and prevent camera movement. One of the leg can be used to be monopod, so it also gives you other choice. With a carry case, it is the perfect traveling companion for your camera and camcorder as it can fold to a ultra compact size.
  • • Center Column Height Reduction: The bottom part of the center column is removable. The center column is still reversible to achieve low angle shots, but is not necessary. Recessed Center-Column Hook: A spring loaded recessed hook, located in the bottom of the center-column, allows you to hang additional weight from the tripod's center of gravity for increased stability.
  • • Metal die casting ball head can be rotated 360 degrees, then helps to improve camera activity range when panoramic shooting.
  • • Quick release leg locking, giving a more convenient leg handling; Pull-out button angling adjustment, ensuring single adjust of each leg Typical regulating design of elevator, offering the different damping effect depends on the weight of your camera
Aluminum Tripod Monopod
More accurate panoramic synthesis.
Fix the tripod,and keep it in horizontal position,then make it rotate uniformly.
22.05lbs (10kg)
Rubber gasket & Back security plug
Large spheres are more stable.
Aluminum and
magnesium alloys
Dense sponge grip
Spiral type locking knob makes operation easier and quicker
Lowest angle shooting, macro shooting, and special photography can be achieved through inverted central axis.
The maximum height is 59.45”(151cm), the maximum height of the midaxis is 47.44”(120.5cm)
15.35” (39cm) Folded height easy to carry
Tube made of high quality magnesium aluminum alloy, can be 180° reflexed, better portability.
When the weight is hung, the hook is automatically extended
When the weight is removed, the hook is automatically retracted
Reverse clockwise rotation can be disassembled
Automatic gravity suspension system
Overall Rating 4.7   |   Write a review
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TM2515 Aluminum Tripod Monopod for DSLR Camera 60 inch 5 Sections
Works well
TM2515 Aluminum Tripod Monopod for DSLR Camera 60 inch 5 Sections
Some Plastic Prrs
Generally a good tripod. However, the instruction to convert to a monopod are meaningless. Also, there are many plastic pieces and the weight is equally less than stated.Once you figure out how to convert to a monopod, you have to be cautious to not lose any pieces. It involves removing three small connecting pieces..Losing them will make it impossible to regain the tripod format. This could have been done better
TM2515 Aluminum Tripod Monopod for DSLR Camera 60 inch 5 Sections
Great value! Perfect so far!
Great buy. Affordable, durable, the height adjustment covers all the heights I need that traditional tripods can't (such as lower settings).
TM2515 Aluminum Tripod Monopod for DSLR Camera 60 inch 5 Sections
Don’t get it wet
Not very tall
TM2515 Aluminum Tripod Monopod for DSLR Camera 60 inch 5 Sections
Tripod had some issues, but customer service was fantastic
I bought this tripod for a painter box use instead of a camera. It seemed to be a great tripod and for camera likely is. Very lightweight, made well, great feel. But for my use the quick mount plate was stressed and broke. Despite being after the return period, the customer service was quick to reply and offered a full refund. Despite my problem, I wouldn't worry about the quality and I used it outside of it's purpose.
affordable Travel Tripod REVIEW! K&F Concept to compete for the best!
K&F Concept Professional Tripod TM2515
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