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Bluedio F2 Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones - White

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Product Code: 02A00037B
  • Brand: K&F Concept
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  • • Bluedio Vector Flow Technology. The vent hole on the headphone back cavity can exhaust gas which affects sound quality, so that the front and back cavity air pressure balance and the headphone can output deep and powerful bass, and then brings user more shocking experience.
  • • ANC technology. Faith2 adopts the Active Noise Cancelling technology, which continuously measures, compares and reacts to outside noise-then cancels them with the opposite signal, to bring you crystal-clear sound.
  • • Oval over-ear design. In quest for a comfortable wearing experience, Faith2 adopts oval over-ear earmuffs which close to the shape of human ear. With well thought-out like this, Faith2 bring listeners natural and comfortable wearing, and strengthen the sound field to prevent leaking voice.
  • • New design, new colors. Faith2 is designed for fashion-business. With the simple and elegant look, it's really suitable for music lovers who struggle in city.
  • • TYPE-C three in one interface. Faith2 adopts TYPE-C three in one interface which supports charging and data transmitting. It can be plugged in both sides, so it's easy to use even close your eyes.
Bluedio F2
Active NOise Canceling
Wireless Bluetooth Headset
Active Noise
Connect to 2
mobile phones
language tips
Excellent listening experience
Redefine Simplicity
VFT and ANC give you a better listening experience VFT, ANC. Following the idea that less is more, simple lines outline a concise shape for Faith 2.It lets songs return to relaxed and natural state.
Simple But Not Mediocre
Faith 2 adopts Active Noise Cancelling technology and Vector Flow. Technology which is developed by Bluedio to bring you crystal-clear sound. The patent number of Vector Flow Technology (VFT): ZL 2016 2 0848544.8
Active Noise
Vector Flow
Simple But Not Mediocre
Faith 2 adopts Active Noise Cancelling technology and Vector Flow. Technology which is developed by Bluedio to bring you crystal-clear sound. The patent number of Vector Flow Technology (VFT): ZL 2016 2 0848544.8
Strict Inspection Process
Faith 2 is beautifully crafted with top-notch aviation material: Al-Ti alloy, which is features high strength performance with extreme lightweight.
Over-ear Design
The over-ear earmuffs are close to the shape of human ear. With well thought-out like this, Faith 2 brings listeners natural and comfortable wearing, and strengthen the sound field to prevent leaking voice.
16 Years of tuning experience
Bluedio began in 2002. Based on the desire for sound quality, we invest about 1 million purchasing Bk acoustic test equipment from Denmark, the establishment of zero noise quiet room.
Frequency response:
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) :
Sound Pressure Level (SPL) :
Audio resolution :
Bluetooth music time :
About 16 hours
Bluetooth talk time:
About 16 hours
Standby time:
About 650 hours
Bluetooth profiles:
Bluetooth version:

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Bluedio F2 Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones - White
Could have been perfect if the cable quality was better
Good:The headphones are very well built and sturdy. Sound quality and noise canceling is good.Bad:Not very user friendly in terms of switching between modes, you can accidentally switch languages. Then the voice in your ears might be in language that you don’t understand.Ugly:I have been using the audio jack wired option for listening and this headphone uses an audio to usb/c type cable and the plug that goes into the headphone became loose. It is annoying to have to constantly press or check the cable as it looses audio in one or both ears.
Bluedio F2 Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones - White
Quality made handset
The phone call on the receivers end says like I'm talking in a tunnel
Bluedio F2 Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones - White
Audifonos bluetooth
Exelente producto gran calidad
Bluedio F2 Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones - White
Watch out Bose and Beats fans...Just Kidding
Took me some time. Now I like these sets. I purchased the white and tan pair. The Faith on top of the sets don’t bother me, kinda like it. I got Faith! These kind of remind me of the Bose QCs due to their subtle way of introducing music to its listeners. Build quality reminds me of the Beats by Dre “Pros” with there all metal body. Yet these are not all metal. Close. Not quite. Breaking it down.Build quality: Nice! My fav about these headphones is build quality. They went cheap on some things, but overall thumbs up. The head band padding is exactly like the Beats “Pros”. Soft faux leather that will last a little while until it crumbles and falls off. By than you would have gotten 10 times your moneys worth. The detailing on the metal is great. Indicators on the settings for proper fitting. The ear cups are nice shiny silver plastic. The piece holding the faux leather band exterior plastic. That’s it for the plastic except for the Power/Volume control buttons of course. Possibly the ANC switch too. The rest is all metal. This is what I was looking for. For durability. The right ear cup arrived extremely loose. Not as tight fitting as left ear cup. Was going to return, decided to keep. The faux leather ear cups feel nice and soft. Just like the Beats. Not like the Bose though which is total comfort. The new Sony 1000mx3 somethings. Not sure if the name. The leather padding on the ear cups are a little thin causing the inner speaker to rest on your ear. Uncomfortable after a while. They went very cheap on the padding on the speaker in the ear cup. Just a thin mesh separating your ears from the speaker. Most sets have just a little extra padding here to buffer the sound. Build overall good.Comfort: This is where the all metal body can hurt you. That weight on your head for long periods is exhausting. Plus the speakers rest on your ear inside the cups. Not good for long where over an 1hr or 2. Unless on a flight. Be strong. Like the 180 degree swivel of the ear cups. Keeps the leather ear pads from resting on my face. The carrying case is a major plus along with metal hook for attaching to bags.Sound: This is why they remind me of the Bose QCs a little. The put the vocals in front of the music. A little EQ, you can get these bad boys to sound anyway you like almost. Not as crisp unfortunately. The Bass is subtle and not overwhelming. The Highs are very present. The mids is where they loose there good sound. Just a little not there or where some would say muddy. Now here is when someone would say for a budget headphones they sound pretty darn good. I would agree. You would not be disappointed unless you are a bass fanatic. I’ve owned all beats, klipsh, skullcandy, sony, and the list goes own. I am awake now. Don’t see the point in spending what some would pay on a car note on a pair of headphones anymore. Can you truly enjoy over the ear headphones or in-ear as a parent. Hell any headphones. Rarely spend much time in them, unless working. Even then it’s a struggle. Not like the college days or when the world was a little less crazy. Overall sound quality is decent. Not great and not bad. In the middle. Music sounds better with ANC off. ANC on tremendously shrinks the sounds taking away from everything meaning high, mids, and lows.Active Noise Cancelling: Yes it works. Work Great. Not so much. They take out the low frequency around. Depending on your music volume you can hear some one talking next to you. So pretty good. Especially for flights. Tried and tested. Not like the new Sonys or Bose QCs. If you need that absolute isolation from the world and you got money to blow, by all means. Not mad ain’t you.Battery: Okay...when the nice lady says battery low, just turn them off because you will hear that message every few seconds it seems. Like aux to use when battery depleted. Do not like the type-C adapters. Limits its versatility. Runs approx 13-14hrs before charge required. Fully charged in under 2hrs.I don’t know where all of these what I consider off brand headphones came from, but I like it. It’s very affordable. Decent quality. Pretty good bang for your buck. Price is still a little high considering you can get very similar quality under twenty bucks.
Bluedio F2 Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones - White
very satisfied
First off, the battery life on these are amazing; have had them since I received them as a gift for the holidays (1 month) and I haven't needed to charge them since I took them out of the box. For reference, I have used them for a couple hours about 3 or 4 days a week. Sound quality is equivalent to what your would get from a pair of beats. Cancels out all the noise around you once they are on and playing. Easily and quickly connect to my phone and/or laptop. Pretty comfortable fitting on the head; they are a bit bulky but what do you expect with over-the-ear headphones. Have used them at the gym, home, and work and they have not failed me. Truly a great product, would highly recommend over beats or the other more expensive brands. Only downside I can find is that they are a tiny bit heavy in my opinion due to the fact that they are made partially of metal but that really just means they aren't cheap and flimsy like the plastic kind. I've dropped them a few times, being careless, and nothing got broke or damaged. Overall a great buy.
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