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ID115HR PLUS Smart Bracelet Sports Wristband Fitness Tracker Heart Rate Monitor - Blue

$29.99 $24.99
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  • Brand: K&F Concept
  • Buy K&F Concept id115hr plus smart bracelet sports wristband fitness tracker heart rate monitor - blue online, worldwide free shipping and 30 days return guarantee.
  • 01A00073L
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  • 24.99
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ID115HR PLUS Smart Bracelet Sports Wristband Fitness Tracker Heart Rate Monitor - Blue
  • • Color option: Blue, Red, Black. Track your daily steps, calorie consumed, distance, monitor continuous heart rate, record the duration of exercise, average pace. Show the notification of the incoming call, message and SNS from Social Media Software.
  • • 0.96 Inch OLED big screen. You can check anything. You can check the date via You can check the date via different Dial layout for your choose
  • • IP67 waterproof:Can play a protective effect on soaking hand washing, rain, effectively prevent sweat and other corrosion.(Do not put it into water, like swimming and diving)
  • • Built-in 65mAh battery, normal use time about 10 days or so, heart rate has been opened about 5 days
  • • 14 sports modes for specific activity can meet your needs the whole day. 24-hour real-time continuous heart rate can give you tips for exercise. Support Android 4.4 and above, iOS 7.1 and above only for smartphone
ID115HR PLUS Smart Bracelet
0.96 Inch OLED big screen. You can check anything. You can check the date via You can check the date via different Dial layout for your choose.
Standout Features
Heart rate in 24
hours continuous
All-day activity
Auto sleep
Call + SMS
Mute vibration
alarm clock
24h real time heart rate monitoring
24 hours fully automatic monitoring your heart rate data, APP drawing heart rate trend chart
GPS trajectories
All-day activity recording:

Open APP to connect GPS function, track your movement path and perfect transformation.

Tracking daily activities data:Record steps, distance, calories, activities time. Check daily activities data anytime.

Night sleep + morning alarm clock
Auto sleep tracking:

ID115 HR Plus will automatically monitor the status of your sleep, the statistics of your sleep time, sleep duration, analyze the quality of your sleep, by drawing the sleep curve to help you understand the situation of your sleep.

Mute vibration alarm clock:

Set the alarm clock in the Veryfit application program, ID115 HR Plus will be on time to shake to wake you.

Caller + information reminder
Call + SMS reminder:

When the handset maintains a Bluetooth connection with the mobile phone, it can check the caller message on the handset. With the vibration reminder + display the content, the important call information can not be missed.

Super long standby time:

USB charging directly, can work 5-10 days After fully charged. awesome standby time.

Telecontrol photographing and sedentary reminder
Sedentary reminder:

Vibration within the specified time to remind you to leave the seat of the body, to avoid the health hazards caused by sedentary.

Telecontrol photo:

The mobile phone controls photography, touchable, wrist lifting operation, and grabs at any time and anywhere, leaving the most beautiful moment.

Overall Rating   4.8   
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A great buy!
I bought this for my ten year old. She can’t tell time without a digital clock and loves to track numbers. I bought on sale for 23$ and was pleasantly surprised. The app is fine, but sometimes not as easy to navigate as I’d like.The watch battery lasts daaaays, and for her wrist I used the smallest band setting. The screen is bright and easy for her to navigate. I’m not sure how accurate the steps/sleep is, but it’s been fun to look at through the app. You can also set the steps by size so it’s more accurate.Definitely a fun purchase, i would definitely purchase again.
A great buy!
Light weight and easy to use.
I wear this all the time. Very light and comfortable. I had a Fitbit one and felt that it was too heavy for my wrist. I haven’t had any skin issues with the strap either. This is a big deal breaker for me because many top brands have made my skin break down a lot from trapping the sweat and just rubbing on my skin. This one I wear all the time and love it! It tells me if I’m sitting too long or if I get a call or a message .This product comes with a manual and a very easy guide to assemble and disassemble so you can charge it. The battery for this last a while and it charges fast. There’s a picture guide to tell you exactly the correct position to charge it into the dock. I’m very happy with this product!
Light weight and easy to use.
Great alternative to fitbits etc
Does exactly what most of it probably need (step tracking and basic exercise tracking) without costing an arm and a leg. Would recommend!
I had bought a smart watch originally, but wasn't happy with it. This did exactly what I wanted and was a lot more accurate. I love how I dont need to charge it every night like the smart watch. And it's so comfortable I can wear it at night.
I like keeping track of my heart rate, steps, calories and sleep. I wish there was another method to charge the product.
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